Magnetic Clip on Sunglasses For Prescription Glasses

Unique Brand

Safe For Prescription Use

100% UV Protection

magnetic sunglasses

The most convenient and stylish sunglasses on the entire market

Say goodbye to fumbling with tiny screws or struggling to clip your sunglasses onto your shirt collar. Our magnetic sunglasses easily snap onto your clothes or bag when you’re not wearing them, making it effortless to keep them close at hand.But convenience isn’t the only thing these sunglasses have to offer. Our magnetic sunglasses come in a range of trendy and classic styles, with high-quality lenses that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. And with the ability to swap out the magnetic frames with different colored lenses, you can easily switch up your look to match any outfit or occasion.So why settle for ordinary sunglasses when you can have the best of both worlds: convenience and style? Get your hands on a pair of magnetic sunglasses today and experience the ultimate in eyewear innovation!


Red Polarized

Tortoise Polarized

Blue Polarized

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