5 Amazing Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Magnetic Sunglasses

What Are Magnetic Sunglasses?

Magnetic sunglasses have two magnets and they can be attached to the front of your regular glasses. You may have prescription glasses. But you can wear these glasses and you can transform your prescription glasses into sunglasses. These sunglasses have no metal clip-on. Hence, they don’t damage your prescription glasses.

Now, you need to take care of your magnetic glasses. To help you, 5 amazing tips are given below. Just follow the tips and your magnetic glasses may stay with you for a long time.

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How To Take Care Of Magnetic Sunglasses

1) Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

The biggest enemy of your magnetic sunglasses is cleaning chemicals. The wrong chemical can ruin your magnetic sunglasses. Hence, you should use a safe cleaning solution. You can choose eyeglass cleaners or you can also use soap and water to clean your glasses. However, you should never use acidic chemicals to clean your glasses.

2) Use Lint-Free Clothes

Sometimes you just need to wipe your magnetic lenses. In that case, you should use lint-free clothes. Microfiber clothes are also one kind of lint-free cloth. You should wipe your glasses slowly and you should clean it in a circular motion. If you don’t use micro-fiber clothes, then your lenses can have a smoggy appearance.

3) Keep Your Lenses Smudge Free

Magnetic sunglasses don’t have any arms. That’s why many people use these glasses touching the lenses. But touching the lenses would make them smudgy. Hence, try to hold your glasses by the frame and avoid touching the lenses.

Sometimes you may clean your glasses using hard water. But hard water can damage your sunglasses. So, try to use distilled water. Distilled water has no impurities. Therefore, your lenses would appear crystal clear.

4) Store It Smartly

Magnetic sunglasses are built delicately. Hence, you should take them off using both of your hands. The magnets may stay attached to the frame. So, you need to take them off carefully.

After taking your glasses off, you should not keep them lying on the table. You should use a hard case to store your glasses. Moreover, keeping your glasses on their faces may damage the lenses. So, try to keep your glasses inside a hard box facing them upwards.

5) Replace The Magnets

Though magnets on these sunglasses are highly durable. But if the glasses are exposed to outside weather for many years, then you may have to replace the magnets. When the sunglasses don’t stay on your frame, it’s time to replace the magnets.

Some Additional Tips

The manufacturer of your magnetic sunglasses would recommend you – how to clean your magnetic glasses. They would give you the right instructions. You should always follow those instructions to extend the longevity of your sunglasses. Moreover, the manufacturer of your sunglasses would provide you with a hard case. You should store your glasses in that case.

Cleaning your glasses is perhaps the most important job. Therefore, try to use a cleaning solution that doesn’t damage the glasses. Use good quality micro-fiber clothes to wipe your magnetic glasses. Thus, your magnetic sunglasses would not lose their shine easily.

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