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Amycoz defines a new and upgraded level of sunglasses experience through modular framing technology that is lightweight and versatile. Sunglasses are protective and fashion staples that you should always keep with you wherever you go and whichever the weather there is. The Amycoz magnetic sunglasses are not like the usual sunglasses you can find. It is innovative and practical with the trendiest styles, useful function, and CREATIVE DURABILITY AND ASSEMBLY to give you secure and worry-free wearing. Amycoz is your opportunity to wear the best and most comfortable sunglasses temples that will not hurt your ear poles…

A promise from all of us to you

Our creative technology of the magnetic sunglasses structure design is very convenient because you don’t need to buy more framing, you only need to replace the lens framing. Through our magnetic sunglasses at Amycoz, you can replace your sunglasses frame with all the styles of your choice that you can select from our collection..

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Safe For Prescription Use

100% UV Protection

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